Hatha Yoga classes are LIVE

AND broadcasted via ZOOM!

   (Audio meditations are now on Video tab)

    Pricing information for classes:

Hatha Yoga - Thursday 6:00pm & Saturday 8:30am

Same class; 2 Options for attending:


     Option 1:

Zoom classes: $3.50 a class when you purchase a package.  ($35 for 10 class or $17.50 for 5 classes.


     Option 2:

In-person (LIVE) classes at the Newbury Administration Building:

$7.00 a class when you purchase a package of 5 ($35.00) or $10.00 per class for drop-ins. Participants must be fully vaccinated against the COVID virus to participate. 

Contact me a day in advance to reserve space in the LIVE class.  We are allowing up to 10 participants in each class.

Participants may "mix" Zoom and in-person classes at the same rates listed above.

No charge for Veterans; town employees receive a discount for in-person classes. 


Seated/Chair ZOOM Classes   Thursdays at 11:00am; classes are free.  (See the "Seated/Chair Yoga" tab above to link to class.)


Please let me know if you have suggestions for any part of the Beautiful View Yoga experience.

Laura Hanson