Greetings fellow yogis!

    Inspired by Loretta in our Thursday 11:00 classes, below are two guided relaxation recordings.   




These recordings can be sent to you smart phone upon request.


    Pricing information for live Zoom classes is below 

Seated/Chair Classes   Thursdays at 11:00am; classes are free.  (See the "Seated/Chair Yoga" tab above to link to class.)


Hatha Yoga Thursday 6:00pm & Saturday 8:30am classes:

$3.50 a class when you purchase a package of 5 ($17.50) or 10 ($35.00) or $5.00 per class for drop-ins.  You may contact me for the mailing address to pay by check. 


If you have a pre-paid card on file, 2 Zoom classes for each remaining class on the card.  No charge for Veterans.  


Please let me know if you have suggestions for any part of the Beautiful View Yoga experience.

Laura Hanson

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