Greetings fellow yogis!

    This has been a highly unusual summer.  Most of us have proved how adaptable and resilient we are as we made the most of our beautiful summer season.

    In some way, our thoughts are now turning to the end of the summer and figuring out how we will enjoy the fall! 

If your yoga practice is one way for you to enjoy your mortal experience, I hope you plan to continue practicing this fall.

    I waited to charge for classes to make sure that Zoom would work for us and the experience would be worthwhile.  Beginning 8/27 I will begin charging for classes. 

Pricing:  $3.50 a class when you purchase a package of 5 classes ($17.50) or $5.00 for drop-ins.  Pay by check and use up by the end of 2020.  For those of you who have pre-paid cards on file, I will charge the cards (2 Zoom classes for each class on the card). No charge for Veterans.  

    I am attempting to keep the cost reasonable, so it won’t be an impediment to anyone joining us.   

     Please let me know if you have suggestions for any part of the Beautiful View Yoga experience.

Laura Hanson


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