Laura's class sequences are accessible to most beginners.  She demonstrates each pose and gives simple verbal instructions to follow the flow of movement throughout the class.        

Classes begin with a slow warming up of the body, reach a crescendo of movement, and close with final resting poses and mindful relaxation.






Laura believes that yoga is anything we choose to make it.  For some, it is an exercise regime that improves strength, flexibility, vitality, and focus.  For many, it is an opportunity to quiet the mind while exploring the expressions of the body, and seeking omnipresent gratitude. The first step is getting onto the mat. 


Laura is forever grateful to her primary yoga teacher, Debbie Cohen, for her patience, intelligence, encouragement, and insights.  


Laura received her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (YA) from Debbie Cohen in 2009 and an additional 300 hours at Kripalu in 2018.  She also received 10 hours of training at Kripalu in: Frontiers of Trauma Treatment with Bessel van der Kolk and Dana Moore, 10/13.